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How rich (I mean…productive) are you?

Have you ever heard of the Law of Productivity?   Well, if you’re dreaming of a successful and brighter future, with higher means of financial success, this is one of those good principles to know. A principle is a fundamental truth, so this isn’t something that...

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How much is my standard deduction?

Tax deductions are ways that individuals and larger companies can subtract certain expenses from their taxable income. In doing this, the overall tax bill for individuals and larger companies will be reduced. The goal is to ensure that all taxpayers have at least some income...

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The Importance of Filing Tax Returns on Time

  Filing taxes can be an extremely stressful experience. Although there is a federal deadline of April 15th, many people forgo filing their tax returns. They think that it’s not important or that the IRS won’t notice. Or maybe they think they didn’t make enough money...

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