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Why TaxTech Portal?


The Tax Tech Portal platform serves as an unparalleled answer to delinquent tax resolution. Dedication to taxpayers translates into comprehensive services,
user-friendly features and insightful educational resources.

We do it all

As a full-service tax resolution service, Tax Tech Portal provides a wide range of options for individual taxpayers and businesses alike.


Our industry-leading analytics allow us to prepare and execute your tax resolution case with customized solutions tailored to your needs. We know all of the formulas, methodologies and exemptions to provide you with affordable tax relief.


Tax Tech Portal can negotiate installment agreements, some of the most effective options for painless resolution of even the most severe delinquency situations.

  • Based on your assets, income and tax resolution goals.
  • Tailored to accommodate your specific financial situation.
  • Pay back your IRS debt without disrupting your current lifestyle.
  • Avoid the risk of bank levy, wage garnishment, or asse seizure.


Traditional Installment Agreement
Divide your payments into affordable monthly installments over a period of six months to ten years.

Existing Obligation Agreement
Prioritize payments on a current obligation while paying your delinquent taxes. You can continue to contribute to standing expenses such as credit cards or retirement accounts while putting remaining funds toward your tax debt. As the balance on the first liability drops, your payment to the IRS increases, easing the burden of a new financial commitment.

Streamline Installment Agreement
Allows for payment of delinquent taxes and fees over the course of four to five years without stringent documentation requirements.

Partial Pay Installment Agreement
Taxpayers experiencing financial hardship may qualify for this form of tax relief, allowing them to negotiate a smaller payoff and saving a substantial amount on their tax balances.

Overwhelming tax debt that poses a severe hardship may qualify for an offer in compromise. Eligible circumstances include:

  • Doubt that the assessed tax is correct
  • Doubt that the taxpayer can pay the debt in full now or in the future
  • Other exceptional circumstances that would impede the collection of the full balance


We can help you cut your balance down significantly with an settlement based on your current and future assets as well as your ability to pay. Our methods also eliminate the mistakes that too often hinder these agreements, increasing your chances of acceptance.   

Our proprietary software analyzes your financial data as well IRS guidelines to find a settlement amount that has the highest chance of being accepted by the IRS while still fitting comfortably within your budget. We then negotiate with the IRS on your behalf,  lowering your tax debt to match the amount you can pay. Once you’ve paid, the remaining balance is forgiven, like it never existed at all.

Spouses don’t have to share tax problems. Tax Tech Portal can file the appropriate paperwork and lift tax liabilities from the “innocent” spouse, relieving them of responsibility for the debt and allowing them to collect their share of seized assets, bank balances, and tax refunds.

Taxpayers that are experiencing extraordinary financial hardship may be able to completely eliminate their tax debt. The IRS will cease all collection activity until your financial situation improves or the 10-year collection statute expires, whichever occurs first.

The IRS does not look kindly on delinquent payroll taxes. Failure to deposit employees withheld taxes is considered a crime that that’s punishable by a $10,000 fine, the  seizure of business assets, and up to  five years in prison. Tax Tech Portal works with businesses that have fallen behind on payroll taxes, helping business owners and other responsible parties avoid these consequences by negotiating settlements and payment plans to get your organization back on track — all without hurting the bottom line.

Arrange the complete or partial removal of eligible penalties including failure to file, failure to pay and failure to deposit payroll taxes.

We can negotiate for a number of penalty relief options including:

  • First Time Penalty Abatement for taxpayers with otherwise clean tax records
  • Administrative Waiver for reasonable circumstances that prevented you from filing or making timely payments
  • Statutory Exception for miscalculated and erroneous fines


Even if you’ve been denied penalty abatement in the past, we have the tools and expertise to appeal the IRS’ decision on your behalf, validate your claim, and reduce or even eliminate your delinquent tax fees.

Release paycheck garnishments and levies on bank balances, receivable accounts and other property.

If you cannot pay the tax debt in full before the IRS is scheduled to seize your assets, you may be able to remove the tax levy with proper tax resolution by setting up an installment plan with the IRS or by making other arrangements.

Have one or more years of unfiled tax returns? Our experienced tax professionals can prepare and file both current and prior-year tax individual and corporate tax returns, no matter how complicated. We can find the best tax strategies for income from a myriad of sources including:

  • Business revenue
  • Retirement distributions
  • Rental income
  • Interest and dividends
  • Capital gains and losses
  • Sales and transfers of assets
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Gambling and lottery winnings


Whatever your reasons for falling behind in filing your taxes, Tax Tech Portal can prepare delinquent and current tax returns so you can get — and stay — compliant.

Delinquent taxpayers are scrutinized more closely when they file their returns. That’s why Tax Tech Portal utilizes a two-part approach to tax preparation that ensures accurate and complete returns and guarantees that we’re taking the best course of action.

First, filling out a simple questionnaire to gather the information necessary to complete your return. This includes a limited power of attorney so we can communicate with the IRS and state taxation agencies on your behalf as well as order transcripts and other account records. We use IRS Master File transcripts to fill in any gaps in your documentation, giving us access to W2′s, 1099′s, 1098′s and other pertinent tax documentation. This ensures that all income and expenses are accounted for and decreases the risk of costly errors and omissions.

Second, Analyzing your financial data with our cutting-edge software to determine the tax deductions and credits you’re eligible for such as:

  • Mortgage interest
  • IRA contributions
  • Charitable contributions
  • Medical expenses
  • Higher education expenses
  • Student loan interest


We can also take care of related tax preparation tasks such as estimated tax payment and audit representation to save you save time and money.