How we do it


Our state-of-the-art process is designed to eliminate collection enforcement activities, minimize the amount you have to pay, and give you the best possible outcome for your specific situation. Here’s what you can expect from Tax Tech Portal’s tax resolution process.


  1. Speak to our representative for a 100% free consultation

    We start every case by learning about your individual situation, determining both the nature and severity of your tax problems. We then go over the tax resolution options provided by the IRS and state taxation agencies, giving you a better idea of where you stand.

  2.  Create a Tax Tech Portal account

    Use our secure, web-based platform to create your account. Once you’ve registered as our client, you can download applicable forms such as our Power of Attorney and Service Agreements as well as upload the documentation needed to file your case, all from a simple, secure dashboard.

  3. Protection and Transcript Retrieval

    We contact the IRS on your behalf to review your account, order your records through our IRS Transcript Delivery System, and verify balances, penalties, current and pending collection activity, and other pertinent information. Our proprietary software will analyze your data to find tax resolution solutions that provide the most relief while keeping within your budget. We measure your information against IRS protocols and other financial metrics to determine the best course of action.

  4. Path to Resolution  

    Tax tech Portal will provide you with a plan of action that details the best resolution program for your individual circumstances. We understand the nuances of tax resolution. That means we know which battles are worth fighting and when an unfavorable decision deserves an appeal. Our professionals will stop any future collection activity and request a hold on all current collection actions as we work toward total tax relief.

  5. Achieve compliance and resolution

    We make sure you are in compliance with your prior and current year tax returns. We then implement your personalized tax resolution case, monitoring your progress with real-time updates. The total time it takes to fully resolve your case can be from two weeks to one year, depending on your unique delinquent tax scenario and the program you’re enrolled in. In any case, our goal is to achieve the best possible result in the quickest possible way.

    Once you’ve gained peace of mind, we help you keep it by offering ongoing tax preparation services to make sure you stay compliant.